Improve Your Karaoke Performance With a Few Simple Tips

Published: 16th April 2010
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Ready to take your karaoke performance to the next level? Enjoying Karaoke has nothing to do with being a professional grade singer, but improving your singing can make you more confident and make singing more fun. Follow these tips to quickly improve your singing voice and karaoke performance and raise your self-esteem.

Much of our ability to sing involves our lungs and our posture. Keep your arms at your sides and forward, keeping them in a relaxed and flexible position. This helps your lungs to expand fully and therefore lets your voice come across stronger and clearer. Keeping a good posture with a straight back helps as well.
Staying relaxed helps your tone too. Try not to tense up or hunch your shoulders as this will affect your vocal cords in a negative way. Keep lose and move to the rhythm as this will help you sing more naturally. The more you try to let go of worrying about how you are singing or who is watching, the more fun you will have.

Everyone has to find their singing voice. Maybe you can't belt out the high notes, but you can always sing an octave lower. Maybe it works to imitate a certain performer, try to imagine this performer singing whatever song you sing and you can bring your own character to the song. It also takes some experimenting to find the volume you are comfortable with, singing too quiet or too loudly can make it hard for us to hit the correct notes. Find out what works with you and then work on creating your own style.

Our diet can also make a difference in our ability to sing. Alcohol, cigarettes, salty foods and dairy products can leave our vocal chords dried out or filmy. This makes singing hard and unnatural. Drink lots of water before singing. Many professionals drink a warm mixture of honey and lemon before a performance to help smooth out their vocal cords.

Singing naturally increases our self confidence and makes karaoke much more fun. A few simple changes and some practicing can have you singing like rock star.

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