How To Express In Writing When You Love Someone.

Published: 08th May 2009
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People spend millions of pounds and hours finding cards with just the right words in them but most partners would prefer an email with something hand typed for a personal touch with words meant only for them and no one else will ever hear them. Emails can also make great love letters although they're not hand written they can be equally as romantic if you know how to express how you feel. There are many ways to make an email personal like changing the size or details of certain words can make it appear like you have put effort and thought into the process.

A letter can say so many things but those words you write can be an extension of your soul. Letters have saved and destroyed relationships and words are forever they can be read over and over again so picking the exact word you mean is essential. Never express in writing words you would never verbally express by using a thesaurus it appear that you have stolen these words or you don't really know what you are saying and therefore do not mean what you've written.

For those too shy or slightly unsure of themselves expressing their love in writing is very romantic indeed .

For men: Just be yourself and express how you feel in a way you would normally talk, if you do have a passion for something then tell her she means more to you than football or cricket. Describing how she appears in your eyes is lovely to hear and try not to be obvious a small mole somewhere or the shape of her belly button and expressing how it makes you feel without necessary expressing your physical desires and what you want to do to her is best.

For women: A letter gives you the opportunity to express your feelings and help you tell him how you feel. Again describing a moment when you realised how you were feeling about him will be good. Tell him everything you love about him or like about him, 'you have the most amazing laugh and you eyes are gorgeous I know I can be with you for hours and it feels like seconds and when we kiss I get lost in feeling your skin next to mine.'

Don't worry if this is making you feel rather sick and giddy it's love and nerves and feeling out of control that is sending your stomach fluttery, this is all very normal when you're falling in love.

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