GHD Hair Straighteners & Buying at Ebay

Published: 05th May 2010
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If you have purchased your ghd hair straighter in a salon or through the ghd website, you more than likely have an authentic ghd hair straightener. Also, chances are, you paid a nice price for that authentic ghd hair straightener. If you have the money, good for you! Some people don't have a couple of hundred just lying around to buy a hair straightener, so they turn to ebay.

Buying a ghd hair straightener off of ebay can save you money, but it may also come with risk. You may end up paying half the cost for your ghd hair straightener, compared to what you would pay in a salon or on the ghd website, but are you really getting a authentic ghd hair straightener, or are you getting a cheap ghd hair straightener? Before you buy a ghd hair straightener on ebay, or in fact, any product, you should check your local salon and ghd website for any sales they may have for ghd hair straighteners. If you are still not able to afford the sale price and have no other option that to turn to ebay, here are a few tips to help you make that decision.

First, make sure you are buying from a certified seller. Don't be afraid to ask the seller questions, such as if the item that is being sold is the exact item in the picture? Is this a new item or used item? Always, check the seller's feedback to find out if there is any negative feedback. If so, make sure you read what the problem was and how the seller resolved that issue. Ask if there is any type of warranty and what their return policy is. Some ebayers will even include the original paperwork and warranty information guaranteeing that it is an authentic ghd hair straightener.

Some ebayers are simply 'upgrading' their ghd hair straightener, in which you can get a great deal on a used one. Although, some ebayers may have simply bought ghd hair straighteners in bulk and are able to sell them at a discount price, in which you can also get a great deal on a new one. In dealing with ebay, I take all of the above precautions because you do have to be weary of cheap ghd hair straighteners or 'fake' ghd hair straighteners. It may show a picture of a ghd hair straightener on the seller site, but there may be key words in the seller's description such as 'works like a ghd', 'looks like ghd', 'comes with other ghd products' but, the hair straighteners is not actually a ghd. It is very important that you read every word of the product description and look for key phrases and words that would allow the seller to get away with selling you a cheap ghd hair straightener.

Also, check out all of the pictures of the item that is being sold. If anything looks damaged or altered, make sure you ask questions before buying it or making a bid. The term 'buyer beware' applies to all items on ebay. You do get great deals on great items, but them you also have the 'scammers' who are selling knock off items and just trying to make a quick buck. This is your money and possibly your future product, so read carefully, ask questions, and happy bidding.

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